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Error Upgrade vCenter 7.0.3 to last vCenter 8

Hello, I need to update a patched vCenter to the latest available release (7.0.3 22837322) to the latest version of 8.

Basically, after deploying the VCSA, I proceed to phase 2, but as soon as I reach the precheck stage, I receive this error without any specific explanations.

In the directory /var/log/vmware/upgrade, there's a log file (upgrade-source-requirements.log) that ultimately contains this.


2024-02-19T20:59:16.870Z INFO service_manager Service vmware-stsd: STARTED
2024-02-19T20:59:16.927Z INFO transfer_network Status of ntpd service on Photon OS is: disabled
2024-02-19T20:59:17.526Z INFO __main__ Command ['/bin/import-history', 'status', '/tmp/tmpfu87wx8h'] has 0 exit-code
2024-02-19T20:59:17.526Z INFO __main__ Deferred History Import status is: PENDING
2024-02-19T20:59:17.526Z INFO __main__ Skip-component list is empty.
2024-02-19T20:59:17.527Z INFO vc_connector Parse rhttpproxy config file /etc/vmware-rhttpproxy/config.xml
2024-02-19T20:59:17.527Z INFO vc_connector Proxy http port is configured to: 80
2024-02-19T20:59:17.527Z INFO vc_connector Proxy https port is configured to: 443
2024-02-19T20:59:17.528Z INFO base_commands Executing command --['/usr/bin/python3', '/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dir2nRrxboJiW/tmpfIhvIVFnpy/UpgradeOrchestrator.py', '-m', 'requirements', '-f', '/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dir2nRrxboJiW/tmpfIhvIVFnpy/config.json', '-o', '/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dir2nRrxboJiW/tmpfIhvIVFnpy/upgrade-requirements-status.json', '--logDir', '/var/log/vmware/upgrade', '--logFileName', 'requirements-upgrade-runner.log', '--cancelFile', '/var/tmp/upgrade_cancel.op', '-l', 'en', '--disableScreenLog'] on localhost
2024-02-19T20:59:20.512Z ERROR transport Command ['/usr/bin/python3', '/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dir2nRrxboJiW/tmpfIhvIVFnpy/UpgradeOrchestrator.py', '-m', 'requirements', '-f', '/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dir2nRrxboJiW/tmpfIhvIVFnpy/config.json', '-o', '/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dir2nRrxboJiW/tmpfIhvIVFnpy/upgrade-requirements-status.json', '--logDir', '/var/log/vmware/upgrade', '--logFileName', 'requirements-upgrade-runner.log', '--cancelFile', '/var/tmp/upgrade_cancel.op', '-l', 'en', '--disableScreenLog'] exit-code=1, stdout=, stderr=
2024-02-19T20:59:20.513Z INFO __main__ UpgradeRunner returned exit-code 1
2024-02-19T20:59:20.514Z INFO apply_networking Extracting active network adapters on host localhost
2024-02-19T20:59:20.520Z INFO apply_networking Active Network adapters found are ['eth0']
2024-02-19T20:59:20.520Z INFO __main__ Found network interfaces on source machine: ['eth0']
2024-02-19T20:59:20.520Z ERROR __main__ FAILED: Found upgrade requirements mismatches.
2024-02-19T20:59:20.521Z INFO root Exiting with exit-code 0
root@SRV-VCSA-01 [ /var/log/vmware/upgrade ]#


To me, it seems like an error related to the network. Previously, this vCenter had 2 network cards, whereas now it only has 1.


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Ciao leopardscreed,

nel log hai anche un altro elemento fondamentale da verificare :

2024-02-19T20:59:16.927Z INFO transfer_network Status of ntpd service on Photon OS is: disabled

il servizio NTP sul vCenter 7.0 è abilitato?  io partirei da questo check, inoltre lato network il vecchio vCenter è correttamente raggiungibile sia porta 443 che 5480 della vami?

inoltre mi suona strano che il vCenter i origine abbia 2 vNIC , solitamente i vCenter hanno un'unica vNIC utilizzata per il management, quindi se ne hai due potrebbe  è una vNIC custom usata per altro scopo, e durante la fase 2 nell'import dei dati e attivazione dei servizi non riesce correttamente a gestirla

fammi sapere!


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@leopardscreed - Reading that output, it looks like the command throwing the ERROR is writing the output to the log file at:



Have you looked in there for any additional clues?



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

The network card difference is because one vNIC is getting reserved for the 'new' vCSA....once the upgrade is complete the 2nd vNIC would be attached to the vCSA and off you go. 

Agree, you'll want to look at the log being written to  '--logDir', '/var/log/vmware/upgrade

But it also looks like there is a failure in the requirements check for upgrading to the vCenter 8 (assuming you're upgrading from a vCSA to a vCSA here)

Did you run a requirements check for compatibility on your hardware?  That is also a possible explanation for the error (if it is indeed against requirements).

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