Entering maintenance mode taking very very long time


We have a VMware  installation with 4 hosts, hosts are at v6.5U3. vCenter is at 6.7U3. We are running vSAN. In preparations to performing upgrades I am attempting to put a host into Maintenance Mode. Out of the 3 migration options I chose 'Ensure Accessibility'. I was hesitant to choose 'No Data Migration' as it told me over 150 objects may be inaccessible after this operation. I am over 24 hours into "Entering Maintenance Mode" and am only at 89%. Yes it is going up but at a snails pace.

So the question is is it safe to take a chance with "...inaccessible items" and stop the operation and choose "No Data Migration"? I am not in a hurry as 3 other hosts are up and running but I DO want to get this behind me.

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