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ESXi and vCenter: Moving the Default Switch (and Mgmt) to Distributed?


This has me banging my head against the wall, so I'll come to the community after several hours of no joy. During the install of the esxi 4, a standard switch is created on the host which shows up in the vcenter server after I join to it via the ip given.


1) install esxi (ip, eth0)

2) go to vcenter server (, eth0), plugged into the same switch/locally visible to each other.

3) add the esxi to the server

What i want to now do is move the host metal over to the distributed switch i've created for management. This is where I face a problem. More config outline

Distributed switch created

port group created

I wish to assign eth0 to the port group-mgmt on the distributed switch and move the vmkernel as well, however it is of course in use..by the standard switch. I see 2 choices in being able to move things over without creating another management nic, logging in over that, and migrating it that way (should be possible to do it live yes?)

1) go to configuration-networking-distributed virtual switch-->manage physical adapters

1a) assign eth0 to the managment net port group, this asksme if i want to migrate/move from the standard to the distributed..(attached image1) and instantly i never get the box back again unless i re-install, or try from the esxi screen itself to return the mgmt network to a standard switch, this has about a 20% success rate of returning connectivity thus far :S)

option 2

2) configurationnetworkingdistributed virtual switch-->manage virtual adapters

2a) click "add"

2b) select "migrate existing virtual adapters, pick port group, select the management port group from the list, hit next and then ok.

2c) at this point, the ip disppears and i cannot see it anymore either...

Is there any way to live migrate the eth0 switch made on esxi during install, and as the only management network/point? What am i missing? seems like it should be straightforward to unplug the network from the standard switch and put it in the DV switch in the portgroup...id rather not have any standard switches...unless this isnt possible?

Thanks in advance for any help y'all...

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