Dvs portlinks went down and then up (event DvsPortLinkDownEvent)

Hi All,

Our environment includes vCenter 5.5 U2e and ESXi 5.5 (we also have NSX and vRA).

I see in the LogInsight that many ports in the DVSs went down and up right after it.

I see the event "DvsPortLinkDownEvent" on a particular port and right after it (less then a second later) an "DvsPortLinkUpEvent" event.

It occurs on many different ESXi hosts, 2 different vCenters, many ports and different DVSs.

We also had a problem a few days ago where many VMs got the LinkDown event and to fix it we had to manually change the port group and then revert it back to the original one.

Do you know why this could happen?


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