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Dual Display bug in VI Client?

Just added a 2nd monitor to my Vista PC. I positioned it to the left of my main display. I then went into my video driver (Intel Q965 integrated) and set the display orentation with display "1" on the right and "2" on the left. I then extended my desktop horizontally to that new monitor. When the VI Client is running over there, right-clicking on a VM within the right pane pops up the wrong context menu. If I move the VI Client to my primary display, it works fine.

Here's the wacky part: It only happens when my primary display is the monitor on the right and my desktop has been extended to the secondary on the left. If I reorient so that my secondary display is to the right of the primary, the VI Client's right-click menu works fine.

Anyone seen this?

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Yes, this has been a long standing problem (in various incarnations). I could not find a KB article on this, which is surprising due to the number of forum posts regarding similar issues. You may want to open up a Support Request. (or just keep your second display to the right Smiley Happy )