Deploying and migrating to new vCenter Embedded Enhanced Linked Mode


We started deploying a new multi-site VM cluster earlier on in the year. We planned on two vCenter Servers in Enhanced Linked Mode and saw that the only way to do this was using an external PSC. We deployed vCenter Appliance with External PSC and are managing all the sites but have yet to deploy the second vCenter server. Now that 6.7 is out and ELM is supported on the embedded model, because we haven't actually deployed and linked our second vCenter server, is there a way I can deploy it in Embedded mode and migrate everything over and then re-deploy the first site? I understand there isn't a way to convert from external to embedded yet (if ever)...

We are using vSAN and vDS on the existing configration.

If this is possible, how much downtime should we expect (if any?) and can I deploy this new instance using the same SSO domain? Or do I need a brand new one?

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