DRS : VM migrate on a bad HOST

Hello all,

I have a problem to understand DRS.

I create a Cluster HA/DRS with 6 hosts.

3 HOST in room A and the three others in room B

The network configuration for the 3 host in room A is :

Vswitch0 (Port ID LB)


SC (vminc0 active, vmnic6 backup)


Vmotion (vmnic6 active, vmnic 0 backup)

Vswitch1(2 nics active, IP source-dest LB)





The three others host in room B have this configuration :

Vswitch0 : (the same configuration as the host in roomA)

Vswitch1 : (2 nics active with IP source/dest LB)





When a host is configured on the Port group "VLAN-RoomA" and DRS configured in manual, when i boot the VM, DRS propose only the three host in roomA.

When i configuyred DRS in automatic level, in some case, a vm migrate on a bad host (per example: HOST in room B for a vm configured in port group VLAN-RoomA).

The VM boot but not have network.

Could you explain how DRS work ? For me DRS should not migrate a vm on a host if the port group isn't define.

Why, when DRS is set on manual, it seems to work ?


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