DPM alarms on Vcenter 2.5

Hi all,

I was just wondering if there was anyway that I could get vcenter 2.5 to email/snmp trap/alarm a message when a DPM recommendation is generated. Reason being is I am thinking about testing DPM by switching it on to manual and just checking out how many changes that it recommends over a business month.

Also I guess the manual setting would not being any good if a recommendation is made to power off a host after hours when the users have gone home and then the remaining hosts reach saturation during the morning logon for the users if for example the IT bod was not in at that point. I know that manual means manual and it seems like a stupid thing to ask, but just wondered if vcenter would overide the manual setting and power on the host if the other hosts were struggling with the load.



Kind Regards Dale VCP3+5
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