Console over vCenter


Could someone help me to provide steps to configure the comunication of MKV console to go through vCenter Server?

I know the standard comunication is:

Client ( vsphere or web ) -> vCenter  -> VM -> open console

Client <=======> ESX hosting VM

But I would like to have:

Client -> vCenter -> VM -> open console

Client <=======> vCenter <=======> ESX hosting VM

So it means, that all the comunication goes through vCenter, not directly to ESX hosting VM. I know that there will be a high load on vcenter, but it is no problem.

To understand:

-Client IP: /24, gw .1

-vCenter 5.5 ( windows ) : 

......VPN IP, gw .1

......Management LAN: ( no gw )

-ESX 5.5 IP: ( no gw or )

no routing or direct connection between VPN network and ESX.

Thanks in advance for help.

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