Clone a Cluster VM in VC with physical RDM's

Hi All,

In the past we have had a few issues working with Clusters and RDM's. We now have a requirement to move cluster VM's (exch and sql MSCS) using physical RDM's. i.e. need to release the VMFS LUN it is residing on, so I want to move to a new datastore.

To meet business requirements I want to clone this machine and clone the disk (EVA4000). Move the cloned machine to the new datastore and use the cloned disk. that way if we have any issues I can 'restart' the original VM and RDM LUN. This clone, as far as I can tell can't be done using clone or snapshotting, nor can it be done at the CLI.

Does anybody have any suggestions for me? I know I should be able to delete the RDM's, migrate and reconnect but we have a confidence issue in this with the business (vmware converted SQL cluster tin boxes and LUN's over, and ended up in a DR situation).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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