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Clone Virtual Machine - Error Caused by file?

Hi there

I am testing out a Sun AoE Nexenta SAN and have created 3 iSCSI LUNS, DataA = 200GB, DataB = 400GB, DataC = 400GB all block size 2MB.

I managed to migrate a server that was 350GB in size to DataA, however when I try and clone the server to DataB after 30 minutes of activity the Vcenter Server returns the error message 'Cannot clone Server : Error caused by file Server/Server.vmdk.

Are there any logs stored somewhere that may give me a clue as to what is failing exactly? I wondered whether it was the fact that DataA only has about 35GB of unused space and it needed to snapshot the server before cloning it?

Any help much appreciated.

As a workaround could I simply move the files via the Datastore, using the upload and download files controls?


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