Clarification on datastore permission: need to propagate 1st...

Hi all,

I know that most of us will say that Creating VM should be done by Administrator only. But in my case, there is need to allow user to create their own VM.


ESXi 4.0, VCenter 4.0

I give the user Virtual Machine Power User, but they cannot see the datastore.

So, the I google and it says that datastore permission is handled by Datacenter, so I give the permission to the user group on datacenter but untick the propagate option because in the datacenter there are other hosts that I don't want to give to that particular user group.

Result: the user still cannot see the datastore.

Then, I re-give the permission on the datacenter and choose propagate, and then remove the permission (set no access) from each individual host that I don't want them. It works.

My question: Is that the intended way to do it?

Thank you.

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