Change ESXi Host from IP to FQDN/DNS Name in vCenter 7.0 / 6.7

There is an old VMware KB 1014030 - VMware Knowledge Base about changing vCenter from connecting to existing ESXi hosts by IP address to instead using their FQDN.

Is there a way to do this with vCenter 6.7 \ 7.0?

I know the vpxuser account can be removed with: esxcli system account remove --id=vpxuser

However, when you reconnect the host. The ability to change the IP address to the FQDN is greyed out\locked out in vCenter.

Otherwise, this method would have worked.

Any simple ideas, without removing hosts and making it harder than I feel it should be?

Also would this be safe to do on vSAN hosts, as well?

End goal - Communicate using DNS name instead of IP address. Would like to change IP scope once this is done.

Thanks in advance!

- DanMc85
VCP-DCV 2021
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I do not think this is possible without removing the host from inventory.. With Vsan in plan, I would not recommend doing that..



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