Cannot update ESXi 4.x hosts with UM, only ESX 4.x

I have an interesting issue:

I have vCenter 4.1 and Update Manager 4.1

I have a few ESXi 4.1 hosts and a few ESX 4.1 hosts

I can only scan and remediate the 4.1 hosts and when I look in my patch download settings, I only have patches for ESX 4.x, I have no pathes for ESXi 4.1.

I've tried selecting all vendors and products to try download ESXi patches to the repository but it doesn't show any.

And if I create a new dynamic baseline, I only get the option of applying ESX patches, not ESXi.

What could be causing this as I need to patch my ESXi hosts? The ESX hosts will all be re-installed with ESXi soon.

At the moment I am downloading a patch zip file from VMware with the ESXi patches and I figure I can upload that to the repository but how do I scan and remediate my ESXi hosts going forward?

Any help appreciated.


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