Cannot remove Snapshot

We are using VSphere 4.1

Today, we found the backup software cannot be completed.

As usual, we go back to the VM and remove the snapshot generated by the backup software and there is only one snapshot.

Normally, it takes about 2-3 hours as the snapshot size is over 30 GB.

The VM contain the SQL Server which VCenter is using.

Later, we need restart the VM as the VM take 100% CPU Usage.

At that time, the snapshot is still under removing.

After the VM is restarted, we restarted the VCenter Server as well.

Then, we found the remove snapshot task disappear.

When we try to create a new snapshot, it shows "Another Task is already in Progress."

Follow the instruction in "Restarting the management agents on an ESX or ESXi Server", we restart the Management Agents of the related host.

Then, we try to create a new snapshot and shows error "A general system error occurred: Unable to save the snapshot file."

In the Snapshot Manager, it shows "Consolidate help - 1".

Then, we try to remove all snapshot and shows error "The task was cancelled by users".

Now, the VM is stuck at the snapshot stage.

how can we do?


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Below mention might be the issue
One possible reason that you might encounter this  error is that you have attempted to take a snapshot and save it to a VMware VMFS  partition that does not have enough free space to take the snapshot. The ESX  Server software does not indicate that the cause of the snapshot failure is a  lack of space. This is a known issue. To work around this issue, free space by  deleting unused snapshots and unused virtual disks, or expand the volume by  adding extents. The space available must be increased to a size large enough to  accommodate the snapshot. With enough space available, the error will not occur  and the snapshot will be taken normally.
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