Can't re-attach orphaned template

I have a critical template which for some mysterious reason has become orphaned.

Since I had seen this issue once before I thought it would not be a problem, that I'd just do the following:

Right click the template, Remove from Inventory.

Click on an ESX host that has access to the datastore where the template is located.
On the summary tab of the ESX Server, under datastore, right-click the datastore and "Browse Datastore"
Locate the folder where the template is located and in the directory there should be a .vmtx file. Right click and choose Add to Inventory.

Problem is, when I right-click on the vmfx file the only option is Delete from Disk.

I've cat'ed the vmxf file and it looks ok.

Anybody know what happened and, more importantly, if I can recover this template. I'd hate to face the prospect of rebuilding it.

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