AutoDeploy Host Profile is assigned but nothing is configured.

I have 16 HP blades that I am upgrading to the latest 5.5u1 versions for a Proof of Concept for vSAN and SRM.

Blades 01-08 will be DC-A.

Blades 09-16 will be DC-B.

I will use the same build of ESXi on all servers.

So I need three active rules (they are placed in this order):

RULE 1) Build the image on all Blades in the IP range 101-116. (all blades in this chassis)

RULE 2) Place any blade with an IP of 101-108 into DC-A -> DC-A_PRODUCTION cluster and apply a Host profile called "SDS_ESXi_STD_DC-A"

RULE 3) Place any blade with an IP of 109-116 into DC-B -> DC-B_PRODUCTION cluster and apply a Host profile called "SDS_ESXi_STD_DC-B"

Note that I only specify an image profile on the first rule and only have host profiles listed on the secondary placement rules.

This should:

  1. Build the servers using a standard image...
  2. Place them in the right DC...
  3. and configure them based on the host profile specified.

However, the hosts all build, they place correctly with the correct host profile, but NO CONFIGURATION takes place.

I have installed the Custom HP Software Depot...

add-esxsoftwaredepot C:\AUTODEPLY_IMAGES_DEPOTS\VMware-ESXi-5.5.0-Update1-1746018-HP-5.74.27-Jun2014-depot.zip

Cloned it...

New-ESXImageProfile -CloneProfile HP-ESXi-5.5.0-Update1-5.74.27 -Name SDS-PROD_HP_ImageProfile_HA -vendor "HP-VMWARE"

Added the vSphere HA components...

Add-ESXSoftwareDepot -DepotUrl http://sdsvc01.sds.local:80/vSphere-HA-depot

Add-ESXSoftwarePackage -ImageProfile SDS-PROD_HP_ImageProfile_HA -SoftwarePackage vmware-fdm

Created the new, filtered Deploy Rule to install the images on the hosts...

New-DeployRule -Name "DeployRule_ESXi-STD" -Item "SDS-PROD_HP_ImageProfile_HA" -pattern "ipv4="

Activated the rule:

add-deployrule DeployRule_ESXi-STD

Created the placement rules, filtered to place the hosts in the right DC and assign a Host Profile...

new-deployrule -name PLACE_HOSTS_DC-A_Production -item DC-A_Production,SDS_ESXi_STD_DC-A -pattern "ipv4="

new-deployrule -name PLACE_HOSTS_DC-B_Production -item DC-B_Production,SDS_ESXi_STD_DC-B -pattern "ipv4="

Activated the rules:

add-deployrule PLACE_HOSTS_DC-A_Production

add-deployrule PLACE_HOSTS_DC-B_Production

(I also applied the appropriate DC specific Host profiles to the clusters A & B in each DC.)

Why are these hosts sitting at the DCHP assigned idle screens, and not automatically getting configured using the host profiles I made?

When I apply them MANUALLY, they work perfectly.


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