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Authenticity of the host's ssl certificate is not verified in_IMport VM the Vcenter 6.5toVcenter 8

When trying to import a VM for cloning from a Vcenter 6.5 to a Vcenter 8.0 it shows this error Authenticity of the host's SSL certificate in compatibility mode.
I already installed the certificate of the 2 vcenter in the browser and nothing. does anyone have any lights?


**Select a valid destination compute resource.

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  • This issue can happen due to time sync issues, if the ESXi host time is incorrect when compared to vCenter Server.
  • Please verify the time on ESXi and vCenter Server before proceeding with below steps. 
  • Method 2
  • Connect to the ESXi using Host ClientSelect Manage TabSelect Advanced SettingsLocate the option "Config.HostAgent.ssl.keyStore.allowSelfSigned"Edit the value from false to trueReboot the ESXi host.
  • Retry adding the ESXi host to vCenter Server or certificate renew operation As per article:* "A general system error occurred: Unable to push CA certificates and CRLs to host",
  • Adding or Reconnecting 6.7 ESXi host to vCenter Server fails (74756) https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/74756.
  • Additionally check this https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/55869?lang=en_US



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