Anomaly after Power Spike - Permission on vCenter, Datacenter and Folders deleted

Hello All,

We experienced an interesting anomaly today where all users/admins lost their vCenter access. We currently have 4 ESXi servers (HP DL 380's) and HP MSA storage device rack mounted in our server room with UPS support. We believe we may have experienced a power spike due to a storm that rolled through.

The oddity here is that all the Roles/Permissions that I manually created and assigned to vCenter, Datacenter, Cluster, Datastore and Distributed Switch Port groups all got deleted.

This is definitely not a good thing! Any idea as to why this may have happened? The only thing I can identify by looking through the logs is that the 4 ESXi hosts started experincing sync errors around the time the storm rolled through, though we were already out of the office on a Friday and did not encounter the issue until this Monday morning. I was able to login with the administrator@vsphere.local account but then became unresponsive and I had to reboot all 4 servers.

Any thoughts? Solutions to prevent this in the future?..........our racks are also grounded.

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