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Abnormal behavior vcenter server VCSA 7.0.3-21477706

Hi team

Please I need your valuable help with a situation I am facing. I have installed VMware vCenter Server on a host running VMware ESXi 7.0.3 (version 21424296) and have noticed several behaviors that, in my opinion, do not appear to be working correctly.

To begin with, when I try to access the different options available, the response is surprisingly slow, and in some cases it does not even show any information. For example, when I access the "Licenses" section, sometimes it shows me the available licenses, while other times it simply tells me "No items found."

Additionally, every time I make a configuration change, it takes a long time to take effect, and in many cases the changes are not visually reflected in the vSphere client.

An additional and concerning aspect is that after restarting the vCenter Server, several of the services remain stopped, preventing me from accessing the vSphere client. I have tried manually activating these services, but I always get timeout errors, eventually forcing me to completely reinstall vCenter Server.

I specify that the physical equipment used is a Huawei Blade Server CH121 V5 with the following characteristics: 2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5220 CPU @ 2.20GHz, 384 GB RAM and 800GB Storage.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance and guidance in addressing these issues.



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi @sguerrerov92 

This is almost certainly an environmental issue. I've run those same builds of ESXi and vCenter with no issues at all.

Is this a clean install or an upgrade?  I'm assuming clean build, but if its an upgrade you might be pulling across some issue from the previous build. Are there any other VMs on the physical server that could be causing resource contention with vCenter? Are you using the default deployment options (with respect to RAM, vCPUs and Storage) for the vCenter deployment?

Check your vCenter VAMI (https://vcenterIP:5480) → Summary → Health Status and look for issues. Also check Services (in the VAMI) and look at the Health Column. Check that all Automatic services are starting and are healthy. Also check your performance charts on both the Host ESXi server and the vCenter VM itself to see if anything is maxing out on resource.

My gut feeling is either the underlying disk(s) on the server or disk space on the vCenter appliance. Do you have the option of placing your vCenter on any other Datastore (other than local disk)?

Finally, try with latest builds of ESXi and vCenter. You're using 7.0U3L but latest version is 7.0U3N



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