AMD masking via Virtual Center for ESX 3 hosts

Hi, I have a question.

As you can make an entry in the vpxd.cfg file for ESX 2.X.X hosts for masking the AMD / SSE3 /SSE4...

Could you do the same for ESX 3.0.1? Se example under.

I have read that it is via the VI client for each VM, but we have like 80+ VM and that would be allot of vm's to manually edit...

I have tried it, and it says validation success[/b] Smiley Wink but I'm a bit unsure whether this is supported or not, or if anyone else have tried this?

Best Regards Thomas












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Just updating...

I've been at it all day, and it works smoothly (migrating from DL585 G1 to G2 and back all day) but not sure if anyone else have some experiences with this: like bad performance - VM's not booting up - not suggested, etc.

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