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Tech Exchange Developer Day Session - Integrating with the vCenter Orchestrator API - DE-01


Newly added abstract for the upcoming Technology Exchange - Developer Day. Hope to see you there.


Session ID: DE-01

*Session Title(:Integrating with vCenter Orchestrator

In this session we will discuss the key integration points of the VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO). We will discuss the web service API which allows developers to find and run workflows. The plugin API: which allows developers to create vCO plugins which present an external API to the Orchestrator, providing Inventory, Choosers, Scripting extensions and Event generation. This session is ideal for developers looking to integrate with the VMware vCenter Orchestrator APIs. We will also have hands on demos and opportunities to meet the teams from PM and R&D.

Level Advanced

Stefan Hochuli Paychère runs the R&D unit responsible for VMware’s Orchestration platform. Stefan has more than fourteen years experience in computer hardware and software development areas going ranging from real time embedded systems to multi-tiered enterprise business systems.

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