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Datastore size/freespace dropdown option

Hi all,

I'm having a bit of an issue.

I have created a few custom workflows now which utilise a datastore selection dropdown control. This allows the user of the workflow to select where they would like the VM creating. Noting ground breaking here its just a simple regex that list the datastores that being with the name "DS-".

This all works fine. The question i have is, why when this workflow is run through both the Orchestrator developer client and through the web operator client, I get each datastore listed with freespace/size next to them? If the same workflow is executed using the Orchestrator plugin integrated into the vSphere web client I get only the datastore names, no size information is presented at all?

I guess this is a limitation of the Orchestrator web client plugin. Has anyone any idea if this plugin can be manipulated to display this information? Or is this something that needs to be sent as a feature request to the VMware dev guys?



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