use visual map for monitoring


We currently looking for IT monitoring solution and using cacti as solution for now
i recently bumped into hyperic and its looks great product the only feature i think is missing is kind of visual map to show visually system and network status like in cacti weathermap.
my question is there equivalent to weathermap that could integrate into hyperic.

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Hi tbaror,

As far as I'm aware there is no current weather map equivalent.

However you can set up your own custom views and view all platforms in a chart form.
I used to use something similar with nagios, but can't remember what it was.

I think a weather map would be great, however I'm not sure how it would work, I guess it would only be available at a platform level. As I can't see how it could work for Servers and services etc.

Any chance of a platform weather map in Hyperic in the future?
Management love network weather maps!


Good question. We've bounced it around a bit. No commitments yet (but 4.0 isn't baked yet!).

That said, the new UI-plugin framework should be available in the next month. That will allow you to bolt on any new functionality you'd like and put it directly into our UI structure. I could see using Google Maps or whatever Cacti equivalent is out there. When it comes out - we'll be looking for new contributions on this, if you're interested, it would definitely rank for the plugin of the month award!