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Could somebody point me in the right direction for configuring monitoring of Oracle?  I know nothing about Oracle.  I installed the Hyperic agent on the Windows machine and it finds the Oracle 11g resource but it needs configuration.  The configuration items it's requesting make no sense to me and the documentation isn't very detailed.  Is there a step by step guide somewhere on configuring this?

It mentions For the TNS Listener Ping Service to work properly the HQ Agent user must have the appropriate oracle env vars, permissions to read the tnsnames.ora file and execution permission to run tnsping.

Where do I put the oracle env vars?  Do I have to edit some hyperic configuration file?  My HQ Agent user is using local system so do I have to change the service to run under a domain or local host account?

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In hyperic UI go to Oracle11g server, press "Tools" menu -> Configure server

In configuration properties fill:

jdbcURL - jdbc:oracle:thin:@<ORACLE_Machine_IP>:<Oracle_Port>:<OraSid>

next fields are credentials for connection to Oracle DB

jdbcUser - oracle_user

jdbcPass - oracle_pass

How to detect oracle connection details (port and sid)  - go to oracle_home_directory (e.g. C:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN) in tnsnames.ora you can find all relevant info.

You can also detect sid in windows service (e.g. ora11202)


Good luck

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