Unable to install Hyperic HQ


I am trying to install Hyperic HQ with in built database. I followed the Quick Install guide and chose options 1,3 (for Server and Agent).

The installer prompted me for database option - i chose default (2) and then it asked for uid/passwd and connect URL. I entered those but install fails at tha point. I am assuming that this tries to install in built database.

has anyone run into this error before?


Attached is the log file -------------->

Installer Started
Current Date/Time: Thu Oct 26 12:33:50 PDT 2006
Initializing Hyperic HQ 2.7.5 Installation...
Choose which software to install:
1: Hyperic HQ Server
2: Hyperic HQ Shell
3: Hyperic HQ Agent
You may enter multiple choices, separated by commas.
HQ server installation path [default 'C:\Program Files']:
Enter the fully qualified domain name of the SMTP server that HQ will use to send email messages [default '']:
1: Oracle 8
2: Oracle 9i/10g
3: PostgreSQL
What backend database should the HQ server use? [default '2']:
Enter the JDBC connection URL for the Oracle 9i/10g database [default 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:HYPERIC_HQ']:
Enter the username to use to connect to the database:
An ERROR occurred, the installation cannot continue.
FATAL EXCEPTION at C:\hyperic\hyperic-hq-installer\installer-2.7.5\data\setup.xml:142: : The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\hyperic\hyperic-hq-installer\installer-2.7.5\data\setup-interactive.xml:15: org.hyperic.util.NestedRuntimeException$NestedEx: Error checking for existing database: Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Looks like you have the "noJRE" installer. Which means there is no
built in database. You have two options:
1. Download a platform specific installer and install HQ with the
built-in database.
2. Install a database on your platform and point HQ at that database.


That is correct.

I did try with Windows specific installer and it worked fine - thanks.

However, if i choose the no JRE installer - the only db supported are Oracle/Postgres. Is there any support for SQl Server 2005?

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> However, if i choose the no JRE installer - the only db supported are Oracle/Postgres.
> Is there any support for SQL Server 2005?

At the moment there is no planned support for SQL Server on the backend.

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