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Time Sync Issues

I have a hyperic 4.6.5 installation and have about 10 RHEL6 Agents deployed everything generally looks ok however some of the servers keep randomly showing Availability as red for both the platform and the servers, 5-10 minutes later and everything is green again, this behaviour swops betwen nodes randomly, looking in the agent logs I see:

01-02-2013 19:36:57,267 GMT ERROR [SenderThread] [SenderThread@448] Agent is 394 seconds ahead of the server.  To ensure accuracy of the charting and alerting make sure the agent and server clocks are syncronized

However both the node and the agent are configured to use ntp to sync time and I have confirmed the time on both is synced:


brettcarr@hyperic1 ~]$ date

Fri Feb  1 19:54:02 GMT 2013


[root@dnssigner-sld61 log]# date
Fri Feb  1 19:53:49 GMT 2013

Any ideas on what is causing the random "red" availability and/or the time sync log messages and whether they are related would be greatly appreciated.



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