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Hello HyperWorld!

We've had a lot of folks ask "Ragu" questions lately. "Ragu" meaning the answer is "Its in there!" So we thought we would be clever and write a Test Ride Guide, that let's you take Hyperic for your own test ride. Its mostly giving you the full tour of the application, but has some handy-dandy extras for setup as well. The guide can be found on the website under Resources: http://www.hyperic.com/resources/whitepapers.html.

Reviews, comments, and contributions welcome! Translations too! Already had an offer from a German user to do a German version. We plan on updating it in a month or so, so comments are welcome.

And... just cus I'm a giver... this is open for points! Remember to be so giving to your fellow HyperUsers. Props to Hypermike for dishing out all his points. And double props to Brad Felmey for "answering his brains out". Points will come to you, my friend!!
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There is a mistake in the Test Ride Guide.

At the bottom of page 8 under View Platform Metrics, the same paragraph is presented twice in a row.

Thanks, gnovak!

Also, thanks to German for agreeing to translate the document into Spanish. We now have folks working on it in two languages!
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Many thanks for the guide, I got two ideas on it.

One is very important I think, the other one may be nice:

One of the first steps should be a section how to change the default password. When you test Hyperic you can control agents which are possibly running as root-user. On the other hand the default password is just one click from the login-field an not just in depth of the documentation

The glossary is a good idea and very important: a defintion of the term "Control Action" would be nice

Looks like excowboy is the winner!! His Deutsche Dokumentation is now available on the HyperFORGE. To see it please look here:


Who will be next?
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Hi folks, just wanted to let you all know that we published a much updated, expanded and sexier version of the Test Ride Guide for 3.1 this week. Please check it out here: http://www.hyperic.com/resources/whitepapers.html. Cheers, -Stacey
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Hi folks,

I have been seeing a lot of folks in need of viewing the Test Ride Guide lately - and wanted to update this thread as to its new location: http://download.hyperic.com/pdf/hq-trg-32.pdf (we moved all file downloads to limelight a while ago...)

Also, tech writer Marie is working on cooking up a new version for our 4.0 summer release. Aside from the juicy new features - I wanted to know your opinions on a couple things:

1. Since not everyone is familiar with the term "Test Ride Guide" (especially the 60%+ of you that are not US-based) we were thinking of changing the name to "Quick Start Guide". Do you think that would be more obvious/helpful? Does it matter?

2. Since this is an "everybody" document, Enterprise features are just defined as an overview/footnote, and the focus is the core open source. Are you interested in the same level of detail for Enterprise?

3. Aside from plugin development and anything 4.0 related, what else would you like more detail on that is missing from this document now?

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