Setting Hostname manually ?


we are using Hyperic agent on Clustered resources (non clustered hperic monitoring clustered resources). We are using a dedictated hyperic agent for each resource that is floating in the cluster (e..g Oracle).

When stopping hyper on node1 and starting hyperic on node2 he start fails. Hyperic log ais that the machine is registered for another host and now it is running on another machine. If we copied the agent we sould remove the datadir and start the agent again.

I would like to set the hosname to the DNS name of the virtual IP associated with the agent and the floating oracle resource. I found that hyperic is registering the hostname in

data/keyvals as agent.hostName=xxx

I tried setting agent.hostName=xxxxx in the agent.properties file, removed the datadir and startet the agent again. However hyperic still uses the physical hostname.

I also tried agent.setup.hostName - also not working.

How can I sepcify the hostname ?
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