SSH Alert Not Working as Expected

Hi There Community.

I've got a question regading some configuration issues I'm having right now.

I've installed Server and Agent version 4.5, I installed my first agent, running on RHEL 6.1, server is CentOS 6.1.

On the dashborad the client was discoverted as expected and added to the monitoring list.

Now I just added a simple alert based on ssh, following the tutorial found on the manual on the hyperic portal.

The issue I'm having is wired, I configured the alert to be triggerd when the service is not available, I used the root account to test

the connectivity, so I provided root and it password to check the connection, I will change that later, when I receive the alert, it says

hostname has generated the following alert:

    Secure Shell hostname  Availability (0.0%)

    If Availability = 0.0% (actual value = 0.0%)

- Alert Severity:    !!! - High

Last Indicator Metrics Collected:

    [July 31, 2012 8:57:00 AM ART] Availability = 100.0%

So, I'm having the alert but the service is not down, so, seems I'm missconfigured something and the alert is not bahaving the wayt it should.

Any advice will be appreciated.

The options I selected for the alert are:

Metric - Availability - is equal to 0 %, and nothing else.

Thanks for your time and support.

Best regards

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Please make sure your server and agent doesn't have a large time offset.

Please see the details in the below documentation link

Out-of-Sync Agent and Server Clocks

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Thanks nipuna

I have already done that, checking the logs I noticed there were some warnings regarding time sync, so I configured ntp to syn agains our ntp server.

It seems something is not configured right, something I notice is the low response, or, the time hYperic notice the service is down, for example

I shutted down the server and it took 5 minutes to realize the service was down, so, the server was rebooted and the alarm never was tiggered, and 5 minutes is too long I need better response monitoring time.

I could not find in the documentation the option to configure the service scan frequency, let say, check the service X for its availability every 1 minute or whatever I want, what I can say from the service is the timout period to consider it unavailable, but not how often I want to check it.

Do yo know where is that% just to mention, Im using the opensource version not the Enterprise.

Thanks for your time and support

Bes Regards

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