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Howdy all,

I'm an old Nagios hand, and am giving Hyperic a run to see how it works and how it functions within our environment. So far, I'm impressed enough to shift it from my linux workstation to an instance in our VM farm. Going to plug in a few Solaris servers, and let it run for a while. My initial impresseions are, not too shabby at all 🙂

Now to the question at hand. Our organisation uses a fair few SNAP Appliances across the network and I've been considering how to approach them with Hyperic. Has anyone had any experience with SNAP and Hyperic? They do run a version of Linux but I'm unsure how well it could run the agent. They are SNMP enabled, but a quick test on one didn't come up with the (all) statistics I was expecting.

A quick google and a search in here .. no joy.

Any ideas folks?

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there is no built in plugin for SNAP devices. If you're interested in you can write your own SNMP plugins. It's easy, you only need to write an XML-file.
The documentation is pretty good:

Maybe you can send me an snmpwalk of the device and I help you to create a generic plugin.

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