Renaming Tomcat Server + Restarting Agent = duplicate service detection?

Hi folks,

I use Hyperic to monitor a linux server hosting a web application. The server hosts tomcats and an apache server, which are all correctly auto-discovered.

I renamed the Tomcat servers to have a better distinction between the instances, naming them "Apache Tomcat (LIVE 1)" to "Apache Tomcat (LIVE 4)". When I browse the Tomcat Servers, for example into the Apache Tomcat 6.0 Global Request Processor, I have 2 entries (one for jk, one for http), named something like "Apache Tomcat 6.0 (LIVE 1) http-10680 Global Request Processor".

However, if I restart the agent and I browse into the Global Request Processor again, I can now see 4 entries. There are two additional entries for jk and http, with the same port as the existing ones, but named " Apache Tomcat 6.0 http-10680 Global Request Processor". The name is the same as was used for the initial Auto-Discovered resource.

What is the correct way of renaming a Server? I know I can use a description, but it is not shown in the MAP View or while browsing the Monitor view.

Thanks for any suggestion!

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