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Receiving SNMP trap from Cisco devices

I have configured Hyperic to recieve snmp traps from serveral cisco devices in my network. Have also configured the cisco devices to send snmp traps to the agent which is also located on the same system as the Hyperic server. I have configured alerts when traps (if condition event/log:ANY) is met. These alerts are triggered, however I cant determine why.

The alert condition says Event/Log:ANY which is correct, however, The values for these alerts read 6 Days 13:45:17.99,,1,2,3.

I am unsure what is going on. What does this information mean and is something setup incorrectly? Basically what I am doing is making a configuration change on the cisco device and then negating it so that it creates an alert. But doesnt hyperic let me know that a config has occurred?

Much Thanks
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