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Problem with process availability

We are having a problem where hyperic occasionally reports the availability of running processes (like chef-client, but it happens to others as well) to 0. The value goes back to 1 the next time the process is checked. Using ps I can very that the process was up all the time.

This is annoying since it triggers an alarm. We could of course set the alarm to trigger if it happens X times in Y minutes. But that feels like fixing the symptoms and not the real problem.

It happens to us approximately once a day per machine (there is no pattern to it as far as we can see).

We use sigar and an expression like "Args.1.ew=chef-client,Args.0.ne=runsv"

So does anybody here know why hyperic occasionally erroneously reports a running process as down?

We are running hyperic 4.5.1.

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