Monitoring Log Files - /var/log/maillog in this case

I'm still learning about hyperic features and I have a question about log monitoring, which I've done very little of.

Previously, I've only set up log monitoring on a Windows platform to watch the Syslog for specific entries.  It worked.  Now I've been asked to setup monitoring on a redhat linux platform with PostFix mail service running on it.  I created an SMTP platform service on it, looking at port 25 on localhost.  It reports availability and response time (ms) by default and this is working fine.  I was asked to watch /var/log/maillog for specific error messages.  I can't find in the documentation how to do that.

An authorized user can set the values of these configuration options:

  •   Enable/disable log tracking.
  •   Specify one or more files to track, as a comma-separated list. The Hyperic Agent must be able to read these files, so make sure permissions are set appropriately.
  •   Specify the highest log level to track: 
    • Error - Messages with log level "FATAL" or "ERROR"

    •   Warn
    •   Info
    •   Debug
  •   Specify substrings or expressions to use as include/exclude filter criteria. Enter a substring or a regular expression that a log message must contain or match in Log Pattern Match. For more information, see

The link for oracle doesn't exist anymore.  I searched Google and these forums and can't find a "how to" on how to write an expression for the Log Pattern Match field.  Has anyone done this?  Do I watch this log at the platform level or the smtp platform service level?  Is there more documentation somewhere?


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