Monitoring File age and/or size

On a Win32 platform, if I have a directory with a variable number of files, how can I monitor these files that:

1-each file to be no larger than 3MB, and
2-each file is not older than 30 min.

These files are created/processed/deleted dynamically, but if a process hangs for some reason, the files may continue to grow or not be processed at all. We need to alert on either of these conditions.

I am trying to avoid writing a script that monitors this and using Hyperic to monitor a logfile created by this script.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Keith,

sorry this won't work out of the box and I think the best solution is what you're trying to avoid: writing a script and monitor the output of the script.
Try to write the script as smart as possible logging only files which fullfill your conditions, so that you only need to parse any entry from logfile

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