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Issue with Hyperic HQ Java API

Hello All,

I use Hyperic 5.8.4

I have been using Hyperic HQ Java API to fetch disk related metrics and other utilization stuffs.

Upto 3 Days before the code was working fine. But Now I am unable to fetch disk related metrics.

I have attached the source code here.

Totally I have 40 Servers being Monitored and for all the 40 Servers, I am not getting any disk related details.

But Other statistics are fetched, ( ex. RAM, CPU etc)

But I am able to see in the GRAPH in the Hyperic dashboard for the disk .

I am getting the list size to be zero. (line No. 17 )

Where should I check to solve this error.

Any help from the community would be appreciated.

Before 3 days, Hyperic Server was restarted. Where should I trace back.



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can any one in the community please help for sorting out this issue.

I have been with this error for a long time.

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