Hyperic to Monitor SQL 2012 Clustered instance

Hi All

I have been using Hyperic for sometime now and every now again this issue occurs and i am unable to fix it.

Using HQ 5.8.5 I install the agent on a server running SQL 2012.

The HQ Server picks this up and seems the server and SQL service

All looks OK

I am then asked to enter the username/password/instance etc for the SQL Server

I do this but for some reason the databases and metrics for the databases never show.

The only difference seems to be that these particular instances are setup with SQL Clustering (as part of WSFC).

Anyone experienced anything similar to this?

I know the instance and SQL names are correct as HQ allows me to save them and proceed so its not a timeout issue.


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Hi djjonesy,

We are facing the same on the version 5.8.4, could you please try latest version 5.8.6, and till me if the issue solved.


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