How can I get the jboss log4j's log ?

Hi All ,
I am a new guy for the hyperic , I want to monitor the jboss log4j's log. But from the url of , there is a uncomplete example for it. From

Could someone tell me how to get the metric data like WARN or error info? Could some one give me a complete example ?

My initial means is to get the ERROR and WANR information from log4j's log(../server.log).But I do not know how write metric property, Could someont give me some help?

Many thanks!

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Hi wschlichter ,
Thanks for your reply.
I checked this URl.This only show how config the log4j log tracking. My problem is How to write a log4j plugin xml. ,BTW:My HQ is enterprise version.
Is this correct? I do not know how to write metrics & what is log4j plug metrics. Could you help me please?

<platform name="Log4j test">

<server name="JBoss">

<service name="log4j">

<property name="DEFAULT_LOG_FILE" value="/space2/hq/server-4.1.2-EE/logs/server.log"/>
<property name="DEFAULT_LOG_TRACK_ENABLE " value="true"/>
<property name="DEFAULT_LOG_LEVEL" value="Warning"/>
<plugin type="measurement" class="org.hyperic.hq.product.MeasurementPlugin" />
<plugin type="log_track" class="org.hyperic.hq.product.Log4JLogTrackPlugin"/>




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