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Help with JMX plugin


I could use some help creating a simple JMX plugin.

I have been trying to follow these two tutorials,

But they are too complex for me to follow to try to create my own simple plugin. I am stuck on trying to create the XML descriptor file.

Here is the MBean I am trying to monitor.
MBean: alismon.AmonPolicyService
Name: alismon:service=AmonPolicyService,type=service
0. Attribute: MetaClass = ERROR (rw)
1. Attribute: NumberDuplicateApps = 5 (r)
Operation: java.lang.Object getExpose []
Operation: void setTransactional [boolean]
Operation: java.lang.Object getNumberDuplicateApps []
Operation: void setExpose [java.lang.Object]
Operation: boolean isTransactional []
Operation: boolean getTransactional []

I am trying to monitor the NumberDuplicateApps Attribute.
I do not need to write into the MBean, I only need to read that single attribute.

Regarding the format of the XML:
1) There seems be different ways to nest the tags. It would be great if the answer to this question could include the different ways to nest.

2) Does anyone have the schema of the XML descriptor file? That might answer my future questions.

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The source of the MBean is a Grails service running on tomcat.
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