Hadoop plugin error

Hi, I'm using hadoop and I have an error just with the hyperic task tracker, the hyperic job tracker from the plugin works well but sometimes needs a lot of time to stay up.

This is the error:

This resource is turned off or has not been configured properly.
The problem is: Invalid configuration: Error contacting resource: Can't connect to MBeanServer [{jmx.url=ptql:State.Name.eq=java,Args.*.eq=org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker}]: Unable to determine jmx.url using vmid=2705. Server must be started with:
Please turn on the server, or fix its Configuration Properties.

The server is turned on. Sorry but i don't know almost anything about MBean. Thank you for your attention.

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Please help me solve this i dont see any hadoop services on hyperic HQ.

Wen i run java -jar hq-pdk-4.6.6.jar -Dplugins.include=hadoop -m discover -a metric -Dlog=debug

i get an error

orghyperic.hq.autoinventory.Autoinventory.Exception: PlatformDetector not found: Linux

I also get your error message in the web console.

Please help me resolve this issue

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