Contribute Features To Hyperic HQ For $$$

Hi All,

I am looking for one or more developers to earn a few $$$, contribute
code to the community and advance ITSM. Are you interested so far?

The project will produce RDF data based on the Hyperic data model.

The RDF will describe inventory (stuff), instrumentation (metrics) and
incidents (events/alerts).

The RDF will conform to an open ontology (OWL-based) and be delivered
using a REST and ESB (Mule) interface.

Once this export feature is completed - further work on feeding
changes, configuration and information back into Hyperic will follow.

The features will be released under the GPL and copyright will pass to
the sponsoring organisation. Please bear this in mind when expressing
your interest.

If you're interested, get in touch with me in the first instance via
this list with a brief resume, contributions/experience with Hyperic,
Mule ESB or RDF projects such as Simile/Jena/etc. Adding a daily rate
and working towards committing to a project timescale is essential.

Good luck, and thanks for all the hard work so far.
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