Agents Running with new DHCP address each reboot

After a fair bit of forum reading and failing to find any help, could some one please help me with this.

I have installed everything and it works great!

So great I went into testing it small scale, however I notice that on our desktop pool of machines we have problems. The IP address is changed nearly every reboot (security issues dont ask!) and I sat there thinking the agent would contact the server and inform it of its new address and everything would carry on.

However this does not appear to be the case, have I set something up wrong or does Hyperic not work with IP address changes? Its not an option to do anything manually.

Many thanks, great software!
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I think you have to deal with two problems. You could put the following into you Agent configurations:
You c
But still every change of ip addresses of hosts you are monitoring will appear in your autodiscovery portlet and you will have to acknowledge and import every change.