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Using vCenter Chargeback license for half the ESX machines in VI inventory

For license check, vCenter Chargeback counts CPUs for all the hosts being used by VMs in chargeback hierarchies.

You can choose any of the following ways to use chargeback license for only the hosts you want.

1. Create a VC user U1 that can view only the hosts, you want to include in chargeback. Use this user to add the vCenter Server in vCenter Chargeback. This way, vCenter chargeback will be aware of only the hosts being accessible by the user U1.

2. Do not register vCenter Chargeback as plugin to vCenter Server (When vCenter Chargeback is registered as VI plugin, a chargeback hierarchy is automatically created to be used through VI client and considered for license check). It means vCenter chargeback will not be available through VI client. You can use web UI and create a chargeback hierarchy with VC entities (VMs, Hosts, Folders, Resource Pools, etc) that include only hosts to be used for chargeback.

Please post any questions you may have on vCenter Chargeback.



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