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Removing vCenter Chargeback vCenter Server Plugin after Chargeback uninstall

vCenter Chargeback has a known issue with Chargeback plugin in vCenter Server. When vCenter chargeback server uninstalled, all the vCenter Servers with which vCenter Chargeback is registered as plugin are not unregistered. Currently, to unregister this dangling Chargeback plugin you can follow some steps:

1) Goto VMware vCenter Server Managed Object Browser URL https://{vCenter-Server-ip}/mob

2) Navigate to Service Content > ManagedObjectReference:ExtensionManager

3) In extensionList you will see an extension with name extensionList if chargeback is registered as plugin.

4) From methods table on same page invoke UnregisterExtension with extension key as vCenter Chargeback.

Please note that, this procedure should be used only when you want to remove plugin after Chargeback is uninstalled. Chargeback applications holds knowledge of plugins it has registered, and prefers you to unregister from Chargeback UI. Any such unexpected unregistering while Chargeback is still running might create unexpected results for Chargeback.



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