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Hello Everyone,

I've looked all over the community and did some digging but couldn't find any useful answers.Maybe you guys can help me.

In our virtual environment we have 3 tiers of storage and let'say for example 2 companies. Every company has a limited amount of storage for each type of storage and i want to charge these companies for the overage of storage they used.

To be more specific:

Company A has a limit of

     100GB of Tier1 storage

     200GB of Tier2 storage

     400GB of Tier3 storage.

at total they have 700GB of storage available for them.

but the company used;

     150GB of Tier1 storage

     250GB of Tier2 storage

     450GB of Tier3 storage.

at total they used 850GB of storage.

If there is no tier structure; it's easy to find the difference by setting an allocation unit of 600GB of storage for the company A's hierarcy but how i can set 3 different overage limits for different storage types?

Thank you!

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Wouldn't you set the allocation units on each VM.  If these are vCloud Director VMs, then the allocation units per VM are set by default.

When it comes to storage tiers, i thought they essentially equated to a multiplier.  Maybe I am remembering this wrong

Tier 1 = 3x Rate Factor

Tier 2 = 2x Rate Factor

Tier 3 = 1x Rate Factor

A = The cost up to allocation = Allocation * Base Rate Cost Per GB * Tier Rate Factor

B = you set the overage = (Usage - Allocation) * Overage Cost * Tier Rate Factor

Per VM storage Cost Total Cost = A + B, if B is not negative.

When you configure a Tier, you'll see the base rates from the CostModel/Billing Policy ... then the Rate Factor.  This will tell you how much is being charged for using the specific storage Tier.

Best Regards,

Jon Hemming

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Hi all,

I'm working with ckarabag at the same company. We have tried your suggestion which is about rate factor.

Tier1=3x Rate Factor

Tier2=2x Rate Factor

Tier3=1x Rate Factor

But we are getting the same result for all datastore tiers. We expect to see cost for tier2 = 2 x tier1 but nothing changes.

We have tried the rate factor for the memory of VMs. These VMs exist on the different clusters and we set different rate factors for the clusters.

Therefore we got what we want for the memory cost.

Can you help us about what the problem is with Datastore Tiers? Is there any known issue for that?

Kind regards,

Ramazan Kilimci

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the only issues I am aware of for tiers is that the are only affective from the time of creation going forward.

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Base rate and rate factors for Tier3, Tier2, Tier1

It doesn't seem wrong, isn't? And creation dates of datastores are old enough.

I don't know what to do. Thank you for the answer.




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