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When I add a ldap user in the chargeback manager, shouldn't I be able to make this user a super user? I can only make local accounts super users and ldap accounts can only be administrators.

we are using version 2.0.1

Step 5 is not an option - I can only select Administrator role. I even try to add the user and then go to permissions and super user is not available.

To create a user of the type LDAP User

1 In the

Users & Roles tab, click Users.

A table listing all the users created in the application is displayed.

2 Click


The Add User Account screen is displayed.

3 Select

LDAP User from the User Type list.

If the LDAP server is configured in vCenter Chargeback, the LDAP Users section of the screen displays a

table listing the Active Directory users defined in the configured LDAP server. The number of users listed

in this table is limited by the LDAP Limit set in the LDAP Server configuration.

If no LDAP Server is configured in vCenter Chargeback, an error message stating the same is displayed.

4 Select the required user from the LDAP Users section.

You can search for a user by specifying the user name or a search string in the LDAP Users section and


Search. The application searches all the Unique Name (sam account name in Windows Active

Directory) and Common Name values in the Windows Active Directory and return all the users that

match the search string. You can add multiple users at the same time by selecting each of the required

users from the LDAP Users section.

5 (Optional) Select the

Assign the Super User Role to the user option to grant the privileges defined in the

Super User role to this user.

6 Click


Any one else have this issue



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I don't think an LDAP user can be a Super User, since that creates a dependency on the authentication method.

This may be an error in the documentation, but it's what I remember from using the product.

If you create a local account, you should be able to set them to have the Super User role.

Best Regards,

Jon Hemming

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