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About me, 15 years ago: I was a student sitting in my bedroom fascinated with the IT world and desperate to learn each and everything about OSs and Networks. I had one PC and I was frustrated that I can’t simulate lab for all these cool client/server scenarios. Few years later, the new Win2000 came to live with all this Active Directory and domain stuff, and that when I came to know about VMware! It was simply the magic wand I used to build my lab, and start breaking the boundaries of the one-pc-limitation. Few months later I was holding my MCSE, and working in my very first SysAdmin job in an ISP. <BR><BR> About me, present day: My name is Hany Michael, I work as an IT Consultant in an enterprise over here in Doha, Qatar. I have a gift (or at least not a curse so far) to virtualize everything my hands touch. At first, I thought that I was just madly in love with the whole “virtualization” thing, but by the time and practice I found that this thing really works so well. I’m holding a bunch of IT certs like Net+, Sec+, CCNA, MCSE, CIW, SCSA, VCP and working on the VCDX! <BR><BR> About me, 15 years from now (God willing): I work for Google (a VMware company), and I’m sitting inside a linked containers buried deep down in the ocean. We don’t have any more cooling issues because it’s freezing down here. Everything is colored in red, because we couldn’t stand the blue color whenever we looked from the windows, or the green color whenever we worked with our systems (oh yeah, back to the ancient RGB). I’m responsible of the datacenters overhere, which are a NewYork-pizza-boxes in size and sitting ontop of each others. We can’t keep track of the number of servers or apps we run, but we can fairly say they’re increasing by 3 to 4 per second. I spend my time vMotion’ing the datacenters from a container to another, just for fun, because the vLockstep works damn well. You can reach me at hany [AT] hypervizor.com or hramzy [AT] gmail.com
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