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inputForms: - schema: vm: id: vm type: dataType: reference referenceType: 'VC:VirtualMachine' label: vm constraints: required: false name: id: name type: dataType: string label: name constraints: required: false description: id: description type: dataType: string label: description constraints: required: false memory: id: memory type: dataType: boolean label: memory constraints: required: false quiesce: id: quiesce type: dataType: boolean label: quiesce constraints: required: false layout: pages: - id: page_rl5s9h9a sections: - id: section_0dzzm2kc fields: - id: vm display: valuePickerTree - id: section_yy2plcqw fields: - id: name display: textField - id: section_a2x2asqo fields: - id: description display: textField - id: section_niordnf9 fields: - id: memory display: checkbox - id: section_d1fsk2ja fields: - id: quiesce display: checkbox title: General options: externalValidations: [] itemId: '' workflowSchema: display-name: VM Snapshot position: 'y': 50 x: 160 input: param: - name: vm type: 'VC:VirtualMachine' - name: name type: string - name: description type: string - name: memory type: boolean - name: quiesce type: boolean output: param: - name: snapshot type: 'VC:VirtualMachineSnapshot' attrib: - value: string: value: >- The virtual machine already has a snaphost. Please delete this snapshot before trying this action again. type: string name: errMachineHasSnapshot workflow-item: - in-binding: {} position: 'y': 50 x: 620 name: item0 type: end end-mode: '0' comparator: 0 - display-name: Create a Snapshot in-binding: bind: - description: Virtual machine of which to create a snapshot name: vm type: 'VC:VirtualMachine' export-name: vm - description: >- Snapshot name. The name need not be unique for this virtual machine. name: name type: string export-name: name - description: Snapshot description. name: description type: string export-name: description - description: >- If TRUE, the snapshot includes a dump of the internal state of the virtual machine (a memory dump). name: memory type: boolean export-name: memory - description: >-
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