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When installing an update from Windows Preview, it shows that VMware is not compatible

Today i got an upgrade to Windows pro preview, release 25231.

When i tried to install that update while W.T.P. is installed i got the following error message from the windows upgrade module.

"VM Workstation, uninstall this app now because it isn't compatible with Windows 11" 

I can only install the upgrade when I uninstall VMware Workstation T.P. and after the upgrade install VMWare again.




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I assume you're talking about the 22H2 Workstation Tech Preview?

Evidently Microsoft's dev channel upgrader thinks there's something up with the Tech Preview. Any indication from the upgrader what it thinks the issue is?

It's strange that the Tech Preview will install OK after the Windows upgrade so I guess it can't be as incompatible as the upgrader thinks it is.

Wonky behavior from a beta version of Workstation and an early pre-beta version of Windows that's never been seen before. Whodathunkit?

- Paul (Technogeezer)
Editor of the Unofficial Fusion Companion Guides
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